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Hire a Knowledgable Home Inspector who is also a licensed Structural Pest Inspector

Hello and thank you for looking me up on the Internet.  My name is William Long, ACI HI#214, SPI#61241.  I am currently in my eighteenth year of doing home and pest inspections and am a one man show.  I am a proud member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and am ASHI certified (ACI).  My Washington State Home Inspector license number is 214 while my Structural Pest Inspectors License is 61241.  I also belong to the Washington Pest Management Association (WPMA).

I take the time to Notice the Little Things

I like to stet up my schedule so that I do not have to rush an inspection.  After all, it is usually the most important purchase that you can make.  As a member of ASHI, I am required to take Continuing Education classes Every Year.  Luckily my Local ASHI chapter (ASHIWW)  is large enough to put on fantastic seminars twice a year and that allows me to keep Up To Date with the Current Issues pertaining to Home Inspections.  Education is a vital component to any good Inspector and I am thankful for the important service that my local ASHI chapter provides, not only to ASHI members but for any Home Inspector that cares to stay up to date.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

Check out my Company Logo.  The umbrella over the house has some meaning that I would like to explain.  To me, that umbrella signifies protection from the elements but also, hopefully, protection from the unknown.  Knowledge is Power, especially when purchasing your new home.  It pays to find and Inspector who will take the time to thoroughly inspect your house without bias and to hopefully communicating those findings and concerns in an unbiased manner.

Our Services

Featured Service #1

Hey,  I conduct home and pest inspections and that is it!  This is my profession and I give it 100% of my attention, meaning that I do not have any side jobs that make me work around doing my inspections.  The Home inspection would be the most asked for service that I offer. 

 "Pictures say a thousand words", and I take digital pictures that I incorporate into my House Inspection Reports, using HomeGauge reporting software.  I am very pleased with this software program and have always received positive feed back regarding the ease of reading my reports.  Pictures are fine but I also Always encourage my Clients to be present during the inspection so that I can explain things as I go along.  I have even had Clients follow me down into a crawlspace from time to time but I am not a big fan of that due to the potential dangers that they could put themselves in.  Nonetheless, I find it very important to have my client with me during the inspection as face to face interaction seems to give the best results.

Featured Service #2

The other main service would be pest or Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspections.  Usually this is in combination with a home inspection, if the client wants one done. 

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Subterranean termites can be very destructive.  They are not always so easy to spot.

Featured Service #3

Still dealing with Pest or WDO inspections here.  I get lots of calls for House Owners who need to Re-Finance their Homes, say for VA or FHA re-financing loans.  I am one of the few Inspectors in Kitsap County who is also a licensed Structural Pest Inspector which qualifies me to do these types of Important Inspections. 

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